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Let’s Get REEL

Alright it’s about to get REEL about what an actor needs in this industry. Get it?! So many actors get caught up in this…


Malibu Madness

As winter begins to fade and summer is upon us, my mind turns toward the coast. Being a native east coaster I still can’t…


DIY Easter Baskets

Easter is a fun time. Chocolate bunnies and colored eggs, found in that elusive basket that is hidden with that and other goodies on…

arcade games

Fun and Games

Cocktails – check. Great DJ – check. Fine fare – check. Enticing visuals – check. But now what?  We’ve encouraged a surge in “experiential”…

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The Best New Restaurant Of The Year

The results are in and Bon Appetite has named Los Angeles restaurant Alma “The best new restaurant of the year”. 39 seats, $145 tasting…


Sunset Strip – The Movie

A fascinating documentary about the history of the world famous Sunset Strip. Check it out for a glimpse of the glitz, glamour and the debauchery…