Your Easiest New Year’s Resolution Yet!

We’re inching closer to the start of a new year, so let’s make sure we’re starting off on the right foot!  Like most, I like to prepare for a new year by making sure I feel like my best self.  The easiest way to improve yourself on a daily basis is to make sure your home routine is organized and efficient.  Let’s start with my favorite part of my daily routine, getting dressed in my closet. 

An organized closet will not only allow you to see 100% of your wardrobe, but it will allow you to wear 100% of your wardrobe and easily create stylish outfits.  Below are my top three easiest ways to organize your closet for the new year and new you!

1. Move any non-wardrobe related items out of your closet.  Your closet should never double as your storage space.  This is the first thing I do with any of my clients and it makes a dramatic difference! 




2. One of my favorite closet organization tips is to color-code your wardrobe.  Not only is this tip great because it costs you nothing, but it will automatically give your closet a luxurious boutique feel every time you walk in.

3. Lastly, purchasing matching hangers will automatically make your closet appear more organized.  When you have a mismatch of colored, felt, plastic, and dry cleaning hangers your eye focuses on the disorganization rather than your wardrobe.




These quick tips will ensure that your closet will motivate you to look and feel your best.  Get ready to start each day a little less stressed and a little more stylish and confident!  

Written by: Caitlin Jaymes   

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