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By: Laura Pardini Realtor
Contributor’s Website:City Style LA
Death…it’s not a topic I thought I would be writing about, until now!  Have you made formal plans on what you’d like to do with your my remains after you die?

I know I want to be cremated, but then what?  Will I be left on a mantle and run the risk of a “Meet The Parents” scenario?

Will I be left in some mausoleum and make my remaining family and friends feel guilty if they don’t visit me?  I also don’t want to take up unnecessary space.  I’m channeling my inner Hippie I know, but I can’t help it!  I just heard of  Eco-friendly bios urns that gives you the opportunity to put your ashes in an urn that contains a seed that will grow into a tree.  They even let you pick the type of tree that you would like to become.

The urn is made up of a coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose.  The ashes serve as nutrients that help the tree to grow.  What a creative and responsible way to leave this earth.  Bravo to the designers Martin Azua and Gerard Moline.

What a unique way to effect the carbon footprint upon the end of one’s life. This is the ultimate cycle of life!
What tree would you like to be?

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Contributor’s Website: City Style LA

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