You Can Be A Celebrity, Too!

By: Lisa Adams – Closet Design
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There are many things celebrities own that most of us don’t—fast cars, model men and enormous closets. But I’m a firm believer that anything is possible. So, whether you’re restricted by space or budget, don’t give up on your dream closet! Here are five drool-worthy celebrity closets plus ways you can achieve a similar look and organization in your space.

 Don’t let shape dictate the function of your closet! When I started working on Kris, Kendall and Kylie’s closets, it was very apparent that each had a different issue to address. For Kendall, I needed to address the trapezoidal shape, so I played with angles and also installed U-shaped hanging rods —a subtle detail which helped open the closet.

I absolutely adore the tall peninsulas and boot display in Mariah Carey’s closet. (Who can forget her infamous MTV Cribs appearance in which she did multiple costume changes throughout filming?) You can achieve a similar boot display in your very own closet by using boot trees . They’re simple to install in your boots and hang like hangers, clearing the clutter while maintaining the shape of your favorite soles.

By now, my friends and fans all know I’m obsessed with Kelly Wearstler. Her style and designs are simply impeccable and align with my tastes perfectly. So I wasn’t surprised when I saw her closet—a great example of simplicity done right. Aside from its sheer size and organization, there isn’t any fancy smoke and mirrors in Kelly’s closet. But what draws you in is its details—specifically, the pull-out shelves and carpet.

In my opinion, Katie Lee Joel should be known first for her lovely closet and second for her famous ex-husband. What makes Katie’s closet unique is the use of gold leaf throughout. For some of us, gold may not be the color of choice—and that’s fine! The trick here is to stick with a theme and run with it. You don’t want to do too many things; otherwise, you’ll create a visual clutter. If you’re a minimalist, think white or neutral tones. But don’t splash pink on the walls and blue for the carpet with accented silver furnishings. Remember, less is more!

If you have enough space, make it multi-functional like Aerin Lauder. Her closet is absolutely huge, but she makes good use of each square foot by transforming the area into a closet and dressing room (okay, it’s more of a boutique). No, knocking down a wall to build a bigger closet isn’t the most feasible piece of advice. Instead, learn from Aerin and use your space for multiple purposes. A drawer set can be filled with clothes, but don’t waste the counter space on top—you can display your treasures such as a framed photo, commonly used jewelry and more there!

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Contributor’s Website: LA Closet Design

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