Yoga in Madagascar

You’ve had a busy summer and after the Holiday weekend, you are doing your best to settle into your Fall routine. Shifting from  your summer mindset into the Fall may feel challenging. I hope this 14 minute video, Yoga in Madagascar, helps you feel more settled, grounded and focused. Enjoy this slice of Madagascar, one the most raw and pure places you can set foot on.

Rice paddies everywhere, the best rice I’ve ever tasted

Visiting Madagascar is a life changing experience. Madagascar is about the farthest place one can go from Los Angeles. Yet it truly felt homey. The people were incredibly kind, Madagascar has a midwest vibe. The food was the most natural and delicious cuisine I’ve ever tasted. Everywhere I went, it felt like I was in a National Geographic tv special. From the coastal towns, to the villages, to the big city, my 5 senses were dancing. And you know what, I didn’t see one yoga studio or gym for that matter!

However, I did notice a lot of people in yoga poses, one in particular. Just going about their daily lives, I noticed everyone in Madagascar knew how to easily squat. From kids to the elderly, they made squatting look easy. Wether they were just hanging out with friends, cooking, cleaning the dishes, shaving coconuts or digging for gold up North, sitting in a squat was completely normal.

Because of our modern lifestyle, with all the sitting at work and in our cars, squatting has become very challenging. All it takes is practice and you too can pop a squat anywhere you go.

Mining for gold in the lemur sanctuary

Why on earth is this important? One of my teachers used to say, “If you can only do one pose a day, let it be a squat.” Squatting opens your hips and groins, stretches ankles, lower hamstrings, back and neck, tones your abdominals, helps with digestion, strengthens metabolism and keeps your pelvic and hip joints healthy. Thats a lot of goodness for one pose.

Enjoy this Madagascar inspired 14 minute yoga practice. Its full of squats, lunges and juicy leg work. Please do some yoga warm ups first and then press play.

Yoga Tip

If squatting is challenging for you, take a wider stance. Only go down to where your feet remain flat on the floor. Keep your spine lengthening towards the ceiling, not bent over. You may only be able to bend your knees a few inches, especially if you’ve had a knee injury. Thats ok, you are still receiving the benefits.


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Image Credits- All photos taken by Cindi Lee


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