Winter White

Photo: Heredwelling for Leanne Ford Interiors

Remember the days when you couldn’t wear white after Labor Day?  Now as the days turn shorter and colder I find myself gravitating towards a serene white palette.  Surrounding yourself with warm brightness seems to ward off the winter blues and creates a peaceful surrounding.  The pared down spectrum of white is versatile and visually restful.  Whites can be tricky, however.  If not done correctly you can end up in a sterile box.  The three keys to decorating with white are texture, layering and materials.

Warm colors and soft woods are a perfect match for white.  This NYC apartment feels cozy and inviting with soft rust colors and rich wood floors.

Photo: Adenorah for Domino

Texture is white’s best friend.  Without texture and layering, white may becoming boring and stark.  Layering pillows or adding wood ceilings can soften a white room and add interest.

Photo: Martin Koldby

Try painting materials white like a brick fireplace for a calming effect.

Photo: Heredwelling for Leanne Ford Interiors

White can be used just as effectively in products and fashion as well.  Stephen Antonson’s gorgeous plaster lighting evokes a winter wonderland.

Photo: Stephen Antonson

And you can’t go wrong with a classic mix of warm whites on a chilly day


As they say… don’t be afraid of a “lack” of color.

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