Wicked Wallpaper!

Nothing like bold wallpaper to inject personality into a space!  As an Realtor, I see a lot of homes every week; all price ranges and in different neighborhoods.  I do seem to notice a common theme…predominately white or beige styled homes with maybe a blue throw blanket or pillow in the mix if you are lucky.  It’s safe to be neutral, I get it…Sellers should be careful to not personalize the home too much, but once in awhile I’ll see a room that pops and I love it!  That helps me remember it.  Here are some rooms that really caught my eye lately which I found really inspiring.  Enjoy some tips on how to  make a room really pop!

A Quick Fix to an Otherwise Boring Corner

This room screams “Happy”!  The colors are bold, but the combination is soothing and adds a cozy vintage touch to this small space.  And that retro style frig. and fixture compliment the whole vibe.  God is in the details for sure!

Turning your Bedroom into a Tropical Hot Spot!

Why wait once a year to go on a vaca when you can do it every night!  Check out this beauty…the soft palm grey toned wallpaper with this woven headboard with a classic striped pattern.  Too bold for a master suite?  Try it in a guest bedroom and have some fun.

How to make an odd shaped room make you swoon!

With cleverly placed wallpaper, you can work miracles!  This otherwise forgotten end of a hallway now has a purpose and just makes you want to curl up with your favorite book and chill.  What a perfect refuge after a crazy day at the office.

Wanna Stand-Out Staircase?

First of all…how gorgeous is that wallpaper!  I’ve seen it in bedrooms too and it’s one of my favs.  I like this subtle touch on just one wall to add that sophistication to the space.  As you can see it’s works well with color so don’t be afraid to paint the wood hand rail.  Gorgeous.

Inspiration…Wherefore art thou?

The answer is: everywhere!  You’ll find it in hotels, restaurants, boutiques, we-work style work places.  All you have to do is be on the look out.  Check out this hotel restaurant and you’ll be swept away.  I’m a California girl through and through so excuse the second palm wallpaper but I can’t help it.

For additional hotel design inspiration envy check out this next one.  It’s for the brave of heart for sure but it’s almost like a bespoke suit with a patterned jacket, cool socks and colored pocket square that whispers “confidence” in a cool hip way.   I sometimes shy away from mixing patterns but when they work, they work! Try it on for size.


Are you new to the interior design world?  Would you love to incorporate your ideas in one easy workplace?  Try Pinterest.  I had a designer recommend it to me and I am addicted.  I collect ideas and separate according to the type of room.  I’m currently working on a home in Venice and it’s been a really wonderful creative tool to keep all organized and easy to find.  It fits the “Capricorn” in me for sure!

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