Why You Should Be Playing in Your Closet

I admit it.  I play in my closet, and I do it often.  It’s something I used to hide.  When I got married, I didn’t even want my husband to know I had “Closet Play Dates”, and would only do it when he was away from the house.  Not anymore. I’m putting it out in the open, and letting you know why you should be playing in your closet too.

I believe we all desire to look effortlessly stylish. You know, like those chic people photographed on the streets of major world cities during every fashion week.  We see them and wonder how they knew to combine that shirt and jacket, and top it with that beautiful scarf to create an amazing look.  You may think they were just born with a stylish gene that predisposes them to making great fashion choices.  That’s nonsense!  Either they, or their stylist has been playing in the closet.  Here are four reasons you should do the same:

The green blazer was the focus of my most recent Closet Play Date.

Because effortless style requires effort

When dressing yourself, like most any activity, practice provides a better outcome.  Practice styling an item,  trying it with different combinations to learn what works well and what does not.  Take photos of the final looks for later reference.  The photos provide an opportunity to objectively edit the look, and are an easy reference for getting dressed later. When showtime comes, you know what pieces go to together and you are confident that you look great.

Trying some new combinations.

Saves time

Knowing what items to pull from your closet, prevents that moment when you’re aimlessly staring into the closet hoping that an amazing outfit jumps out and places itself on you.  You will also avoid being late to work, or an event, because you’re desperately trying to create an outfit that makes you feel good.  Lack of planning often ends with a with a pile of rejected choices on your bed (or floor), or wearing the same thing you always wear.

One of the many looks I was able to create by playing in my closet.

Prevents wardrobe boredom.

I notice that most people wear their clothing items the same way every time they wear them (see reason #2).  Styling the same pants, with the same shirt and jacket time and time again.  No wonder there is no excitement about getting dressed every day.  If they were playing in their closets, they would have many ways to mix those items up, creating unique looks.

I like this one a lot.

Maximize the number of wears for your items.

You can use your closet play time to figure out how to style that item you say you love, but continue to push further back in the closet for lack of knowing how to wear it.  On a recent Closet Play Date, I decided to style a green, boiled wool blazer that purchased in April, but only wore once before it became too warm to wear it.  I definitely want to wear the blazer for Fall and Winter, and decided to see what I could do with it.  I was able to create ten different looks during my hour-long Closet Play Date.

Not all looks will be a success, but some will be surprisingly great.  Experiment with items you may not think go together.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  The best part is no one has to know what did not work and you’ll look fantastic in your new effortless look.

My typical personal Closet Play Date is one hour, and two hours when styling a client.  Not only do I photograph my final looks; I now share my Closet Play Date videos on my Instagram page: @mystyleismybrand.  Head over there to see all of the looks I styled during this play date.


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