Who needs to keep up with the Jones anymore?

By: Laura Pardini – Realtor
Contributor’s website: City Style LA
I see a lot of people downsizing in this economy.  Some people who once had 5,000 square foot houses are moving into two bedroom residences with much success.  The big lavish American lifestyles seem to be depleting pocket books at a rapid pace.  You can still live in style on a smaller budget.   I’ve recently seen in some cases people selling their homes in exchange for security and peace of mind.  That seems to be the trend.  Look at the latest car ads for example… J Lo exemplifies this with the smaller sexy Fiat.   “Being sensible” seems to be the new “black”. Who needs to keep up with the Jones?  Why would you want to?  You can still have a home that you love that still possess’ that “wow” factor.  
There is a key to making smaller spaces work.  Being organized certainly helps, not to mention having the control to get rid of excess “stuff”.  Creating vignettes of living spaces provides purpose and maximizes function.   
Renowned interior designer; Nate Berkus, who hosts his own show possess’ that certain knack when it comes to this genre.  I’ve seen him design a tiny space and make it work – even making it “entertain friendly”.  Who would think of putting a bed on a far wall, with a couch at the foot of it to start a living space when there are no dividing walls?  You don’t always need a Murphy bed to make it work.  I think living in New York, gives him an edge: he knows every inch counts at that price per square foot! 
Hong Kong is the epitome of cramped spaces. The hustle and bustle nature is the perfect back drop to demonstrate the concept that smaller spaces can be efficient and yet have a peaceful nature. Architect, Gary Chang, turned 344 square feet into 24 different designs.  A little extreme I know,  but it does seem to put it all in perspective.  Here’s an inspiring video that shows how to maximize minimum space.

If he can do this with 344 square feet, just think of the endless possibilities in your very own space! 

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Contributor’s website: City Style LA

image credits: ilkemozturk.com, jeffersdesigngroup.com, the nate show, UTube
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