A White Winter?

As cooler weather has approached, the burning question of what fall/winter essentials we should purchase has arose.  This year, we will be seeing the same basics: fluffy sweaters, trench coats, pants, and leather jackets. However, these go to elements will be dawning a very different kind of hue. WHITE. As I’m writing this article I can feel the cringe and the voice of our mother’s telling us that we simply can’t wear white after Labor Day. Well ladies times they are a changin’.

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For those who are not totally ready to commit to a lighter winter wardrobe the white leather jacket is probably the easiest piece to work with as it can be paired with most of your conventional fall and winter basics and adds a fresh pop to your ensemble. Once you ease into the thought, your white leather can be the perfect finishing piece to an all-white look. To add some color you can go with a brightly colored suede bag or clutch.

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Although white is the center of this month’s entry the same philosophy can be applied to all of our favorite pastels. A pale pink or blue sweater can be paired with white jeans and matching motorcycle boots for a girly edge on an androgynous look.


If nothing else a white bag or clutch is definitely needed for the season. My personal favorite take on this is white skin. Whether it be snake or crocodile it’s a fresh spin on an incredibly classic look and can be worn with all black or mixed in with prints if you are feeling a little bolder. And lucky for you it’s a great summer piece too!

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Although white is defying the age-old rule of thumb for color in winter, as fashion becomes more progressive we must too.

I suppose we will be getting a white winter after all.


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