When it Comes to Waves, There’s No Place Like Home

By: Chaton Anderson- Writer

Contributor’s Website: Fusion Integrated

You don’t have to head south for the best waves—whether you’re a fledgling Kelly Slater, a wannabe surfer babe or a seasoned Spicoli, there’s something for everyone to ride in and around Los Angeles. While our best surf is during the winter, there’s a decent swell somewhere near lala land, no matter what time of year—and there’s no better way to de-stress after a long day at work than immersing yourself in the Pacific.

You can almost feel the history when you hit up Malibu’s Surfrider Beach, the quintessential surf spot that popularized California waves in the 1950s. As old school as it gets, Surfrider was originally surfed during the 1920s. While longboards typically dominate the lineup, the diversity of surfers is as wide as it gets. It’s the most unique blend of good surf, picturesque beauty and a classic point break—and a great place for people watching as well.

Once the infamous home of George Jung, the man who established the cocaine market in America, El Porto has an expansive beach break that attracts surfers of all levels. The winter months bring a bigger swell that’s perfect for intermediate surfers, and when the large south swells come in with their perfect A-framed peaks, even the most advanced come in droves. The often powerful beach breaks are more forgiving when the waves are small, so it’s also a great place to learn during the summer.  

If you’re up for a drive, there’s always something to surf at County Line.  All swells break at this roadside surf spot, and the waves are typically bigger than anywhere south of it. Located on one of the most scenic parts of of PCH, County Line can get blown out pretty easily and sometimes looks bigger than it is, but overall, it’s a consistently fun ride with a predominantly fast beach break that keeps the line up spread out.

Experienced surfers flock to Topanga Point, because it’s all about the options. The consistent waves break on both beds of sand or over rocky terrain—the choice is yours.

Everyone should surf Venice Beach at least once, just for the sheer history of it—shortboarding was pioneered here during the 1970s. Good for surfers of all levels, the best swells can be found along the famed Venice Breakwater between Venice and Santa Monica Pier. It doesn’t have the best-shaped waves, but during a big winter swell, it can be a lot of fun.

Lunada Bay is a premier, rocky reef surf spot that produces killer waves for even the most advanced riders. But the urban folklore of hostile locals makes it intimidating to earn your place in the lineup. Maybe I’ve had better luck there since I’m female, but many surfing publications warn outsiders against going there without insurance. Whether that’s true or false, I can’t say, but there’s definitely a locals only vibe.

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Contributor’s Website: Fusion Integrated 

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