What is Mercury Retrograde and why should you care?

By: Anita Rosenberg – Spiritualist

Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

Mercury Retrograde is what happens three times per year when the fastest planet moves so slowly, it appears like it’s moving backwards. How does this affect us on planet earth? It messes us up plenty.

Starting with all things electronic like cars and computers – phones and well, communication in general Mercury screws with it all. Mercury rules communication (Gemini) and this is the time where phone calls are not returned, meeting times get mixed up, emails are lost in the ether’s and your computer will go wonky for no reason.

What can you do about it? Plenty. Just knowing this is going on makes a big difference. Be more patient with yourself and those around you. Chalk up mishaps to MR and get on with your day.
Here’s what not to do:
*      Start new projects
*      Go shopping (will have buyer’s remorse)
*      Invest in a new computer or other electronics
Here’s what to do:
*      Finish up projects and tie up loose ends
*      Be patient with yourself and others
*      Plant new seeds
*      Light one of my Signature Magic Mercury Retrograde Candles (they work)

Plan Mercury Retrograde accordingly:

August 2 – 26
November 24 – December 13

March 12 – April 14
July 14 – August 8
November 6 – 26
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Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

Image Credits:  Anita Rosenberg

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