What day is this?

What day is it? This seems to be an occurring phrase lately.

Life is definitely not the same as we know it and most likely from now on, it will be fundamentally different.

I am personally getting used to joining in on our sales meetings via Zoom.  Actually I’m starting to prefer it this way.  I can get so many more meetings and training seminars in a day without dealing with the logistics of location.  I can’t help but wonder what this will mean for office space in general.   What will happen to that space in society as we know it? I’ve talked to some business owners and a few have already have begun transitioning over for good.

I used to look forward to some monthly scheduled live events with my friends.  At first, I thought those would stop when this all went down, but no…we are using Zoom to get together.  For one of my groups where we learn about wine, the host gave us the format which consisted of either making a chicken dinner or getting it from a restaurant and accompanying it with a bottle of wine.  Our host; Stacie Hunt, recommended Marcella Hazan’s Roasted Chicken recipe.  We chose to support our local restaurants and ordered an amazing chicken dinner from Republique.  It actually was quite fun once we got past the Brady Bunch new visuals.  It allowed more people to join from other locations such as Austin and Marin County.  We shared not only a meal and learned about our respective wines but also shared what’s going on in our lives.  I miss human interaction and this really helped.

On my to-do list was always to take more courses from MasterClass My former go-to excuse was that I never seemed to have the time to take them.  Well…that excuse is now out the window. Here are some courses that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed: Kelly Wearstler on Interior Design, Anna Wintour on Creativity and Leadership, Annie Leibovitz on Photography.  The next one I will be watching will be Chris Voss on Negotiating.

I’m either going to get out of this ten pounds heavier (I really have to stop watching Tom’s Dinkel’s posts on making on chocolate chip cookies) or leaner than ever! In my quest for the more leaner route, Pelaton has been there for me.  If you ask anyone who’s been riding for awhile they’ll definitely have their favorite instructors.  I’m a big fan of Denis and Cody

I’m really loving how these talk show hosts are keeping it real with filming in their own environments.  Jimmy Fallon is at the top of my list.  I think seeing him in his own home with his kids Franny and Winnie is definitely adding to it.  I look forward to seeing him and his celebrities open their doors and really letting us in.

Missing a little culture?  How about checking out museum virtual tours?  What did we do before Google?

At the end of the day, I can’t help but feel that: There is nothing like the American Spirit!  We are optimistic and in our hearts know that we will get through this.  We know one thing: that we are all out of our comfort zones and we are reacting.   Some may be experiencing a new found appreciation of the simple things in life and a reconnection for people in general that we may have taken for granted.  We are resilient!

What day is it?  It’s a new one for sure.  A day to adapt to and one which involves change.  How will you use it is up to you?  I keep hearing: This too shall pass.  Once it does I want to be better for it.  Never will I take a human inter action for granted for one thing.  I noticed I’m getting more resourceful.  I think twice about throwing away food for instance.  My Nonna (grandmother) would be proud.  I am giving myself permission to take time to check off lists that seemed frivolous before or the new concept that it’s okay to do nothing!  It’s okay to experience emotion.  We as a world are going through this together.  I truly believe with love we will get through it!

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Photo Credits: MasterClass, Pelaton, Jimmy Fallon: NY Daily News.

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