We need you back Mr. Rogers!

Mr. Fred Rogers hosted a children’s show back in the 60’s call Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  It was on a simple set with an unconventional host but the formula worked.  The message was clear: help children through the different modulations of life with the comfort of knowing that there is always someone there to help – someone that cares.

Won’t you be my Neighbor?  Would you be Mine?  Could you be Mine?

Won’t you be my Neighbor?

Those were the lyrics of the theme song.  A powerful message at that. “We’ll take care of you” is what the neighborhood stood for.  It was an open invitation to be close to you.

8 Concepts of Life according to Mr. Rogers:

Love is the root of everything… or the lack of it.

Tune into your inner child in order to relate to them and yourself.

Be true to your kids, answer their questions honestly.

“I like you as you are” is what children need to hear.

Silence is a gift.  Sometimes in those pause moments people feel comfortable to say more.

The greatest evil is to make someone feel less than they are.

Accept mistakes and deal with it.  Knowing you are supported and loved “just the way you are” makes it better.

“It’s you I like.  Every part of you.”

The World Will Never Be The Same Since 911

After 911 Mr. Rogers was asked to give a public announcement.  There he was at the piano but something was different…that famous glimmer in his eyes was missing.  He was the most solemn I’ve ever seen him.  After all this time preaching love, the true horror of 911 dampened the spirit of one of the most optimistic souls.  But his response was short and prolific:

“Our goal is to be repairers of Creation.” 

Even in our current climate when the world sometimes seems cold and unrecognizable, I believe that there is enough good in this world and love will overcome.   Mr. Rogers I hear you and I too want to be your neighbor.  Will you be mine?

“143” Mr. Rogers for being one of the pioneers in the fight against discrimination and being open and honest enough to tackle the tough topics of your generation.  May your strength and courage inspire us to greet the world with similar optimism and passion and remain grateful for the possibilities it has to offer.

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(Note: “143” means: I love you.  The address of Mr. Rogers house on the set was 143.  1: there is 1 letter in “I”  4: there are 4 letters in “Love”  and 3: there are 3 letters in “You”.

Image credits: sdpbs.org, thechive.com, quotefancy.com, focus entertainment trailer

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