United We Stand!

Now more than ever, we owe it to our neighborhood businesses to shop local whenever we can. I recently moved to Beverly Grove which is known for it’s neighborhood restaurants and boutiques. These unique mom-and-pop stores add the flavor to this little enclave in Los Angeles. The walkability factor here is off the charts! It’s so sad for me to walk around and see these places closed. I can’t wait to go in them again!

I started seeing these businesses promote themselves individually on Instagram. I couldn’t help but think that if they joined efforts that the impact could be so much greater. In the meantime I wanted to do something, so I thought a website might be in order so people can easily find restaurants and shops all in one easy place. I’m a big proponent of the saying: Together we are stronger! I welcome you to peruse the site: Shop Local – Los Angeles.  I highly encourage you to share it and come back often, for I will be updating it with new finds!

Having trouble finding what to watch on t.v. despite over what seems like a million channels…I included some of my favorites. It’s no wonder a show called Home made the top of the list! Do you miss walking around art galleries? Some Museums are offering virtual tours. These tours don’t come close to the real thing, but hey, better than nothing. And during these times when our hair and nails are growing out of control, no need to let the rest of yourself go…check out health and beauty services.

I personally find a adhering to structure Monday through Friday helps…which involves getting up pretty much at the same time. I have breakfast, do my affirmations, then gratitudes, ride my Peloton, take a shower and wear something that makes me happy. Then I let the world in…the computer gets turned on and away I go. Routines help, but sometimes distractions get in the way including watching Instagram stories. I try to focus on what needs to be done with priority in mind. The last thing I want to do is have the day go by (which now seems to fly by faster than ever) and not accomplish what I want to. This sense of control helps keep me balanced and focused on the important things.

We are living in history right now. How do you want to look back and remember it? I want to look at it as time where I was allowed to press pause and given the time to put priorities in order, genuinely reflect and take initiative to help others the best I can. I also know that I will never take sharing a meal in a restaurant, a walk in the park or a simple meeting with a friend for granted…ever.

Life will never be the same. But here’s our chance to make it even better!

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Photo credits: Beverly Grove Montage: Eater LA, Home photo: Apple.com

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