This Is How I Find My Interior Design Inspiration

This master bedroom was inspired by its coastal location, client’s fun-loving personality and nods to the home’s mid-century meets contemporary New England architecture. Photo by Meghan Beierle-O'Brien

This seems to be the million-dollar question, right? There are dozens of publications and tons of Instagram and Pinterest accounts with millions of followers for this exact reason: 

People want to know how interior designers make their design decisions.

There is a never-ending cycle of “Top Trends” lists out there, but I think we all know on some level, great interior design comes down to more than just trends.

Right now, I’m knee-deep in the creative development phase of a handful of projects. Typically, this isn’t the case — projects are more spread out. But because everything shut down abruptly last year, then surged ahead almost instantly, I’ve got several projects in the same phase.

Creatively speaking, every project begins with a moodboard. This is where I layout inspiration images as they relate to the schematic design of a project. My studio has a wall devoted to this where I begin to piece together the overall look and feel of a space

This means my hours are filled with developing floorplans and renderings, sourcing products and finishes, and selecting the perfect design elements for each space. 

And while — after 15+ years in the industry — this is really fun for me, I know it’s often maddening for non-designers. 

Trying to select the right furnishings, fixtures, and accessories for your home — trying to think like an interior designer — can feel overwhelming.

For our Playa project, we took inspiration directly from the home’s surroundings: the Pacific Ocean and the beach that lies in front.
The colors in each space are mostly muted and all the materials were chosen to blend seamlessly with the colors of the sand and sky.

So today at I’m sharing some of my go-to strategies for capturing design inspiration that creates a beautiful, functional end result.

We cover:

  • Client preferences, taste, and style
  • Design must-haves vs. nice-to-haves
  • How a home’s architecture influences interior design choices
  • Taking a cue from natural surroundings

and more. Head over to read the full text here.

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