The Wonder of Wovens

Photo: Loeffler Randall

Decorating with natural wovens never ceases to amaze me and never goes out of style.  From rattan and raffia to rope and seagrass these timeless textures add an earthy warmth to any space.  Although clean lines and smooth surfaces can create a polished look they can also feel cold or untouchable.  Textured items bring back that organic approachability.  They are welcoming, inviting and let’s face it make a space more livable.

Here are some different way to incorporate wovens into your life…

Furniture is the most obvious choice.  Woven furniture pieces come in all shapes and sizes and span all styles.  In our Palos Verdes project this woven end table, from Hollywood at Home, stunned paired with succulents and a patterned rug.

Photo: JC Studio

These entry chairs mix wood and a rush back for the perfect relaxed vibe

Photo: Hollywood at Home

Lighting is another great way to integrate some texture.  An oversized woven pendant brings an island feel to this boutique hotel in Greece.  While simply changing the lamp shade of a fixture can do the trick as well.

Photo: Casa Cook Rhodes
photo: JC Studio

And texture is essential in fashion as well.  These woven purses make an ordinary outfit extraordinary.

Photo: Loeffler Randall
Photo: Cult Gaia

So bring a little woven into your life… and feel the warmth!

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