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By: Lisa Adams – Closet Design
Contributor’s Website: LA Closet Design

Whether it’s a spare room, garage or media room, the man cave is regarded as a place reserved for the man of the house to do as he pleases. Think clunky La-Z-Boy recliners, dark wood finishes and forest green accents flooded by miscellaneous memorabilia.

For some men, however, it’s their closet that has become their sanctuary. It’s less about the cars in their garage and more about the clothes in their wardrobe. A common misconception is that men don’t care about the design of their closets and want to have little say in its design. The truth is that some men are even more particular than women! Nearly half of LA Closet Design’s clientele are men! Whether it’s their sneaker, tie or shoe collection, some men have a precise vision with regards to how their inventory of items should be displayed and stored.

Unlike women’s clothing, men’s clothing is pretty basic, so the space in men’s closets can be used more efficiently. For example, there is less of the staggering effect, so there are more opportunities to use double hanging closet rods. Also, remember that the height of men’s shoes tend to be lower to the ground, so you can stack more shelves for storage. Good news, girls!

Here are tips to achieve the ultimate man’s closet:

Man up with the hardware! Loose leather handles with seaming details or woven leather rods accented by metallic edges are great ways to add a sense of masculine craftsmanship.

Accessorize. Guy-centric stuff like gadgets, safes, lighted handing rods, a mini refrigerator or even a breakfast station make the space fun. The sky is the limit!

It’s all about creating organized and functional spaces. If you have the space, making it a place to relax and unwind is an added bonus. It’s all about making a man feel good every morning when he gets dressed.

It’s all about creating a customized space. In lieu of jewelry drawers, the space can be used for his watch or cufflink collection. Scarf rods can be replaced with pull-out tie racks and belt displays. Even hooks can be added for his baseball caps. The possibilities are endless!

You don’t have to follow the same design as your partner’s closet space. If you and your partner are fortunate enough to have separate closets, the styles of the two do not have to match. Of course you want to keep a cohesive design sensibility, but changes in materiality, hardware, lighting and the overall layout are encouraged so your own identity will be represented.  Even if space is limited and you share a closet space, make sure your area is customized to suit your needs.

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Contributor’s Website: LA Closet Design

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