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Summer parties, rooftop pools and beach days are calling—it’s time to get your glow on. We know we’re not supposed to soak in the sun or hit up the evil tanning bed, so we look to the spray or airbrush tan to garner those golden results.
The problem is, pricey spray tans come with that funny smell that cause your dude to give you funny looks when you enter the room, cause streaking and leave those nasty stains on your clothes and sheets.

Luckily, there’s a new way to glow that truly one ups all the rest—OrganiTan. Created by esthetician to the stars and Body Shop spokesperson, Molly Walsh, this non-streaking formula is odorless and comprised of 100% natural certified organic sunless tanning ingredients. 20 years were spent perfecting this formula—and it shows. My first tan had no funny odor and there were absolutely no stains left behind.

My problem with most airbrushing formulas is that they dry out my skin and emphasize fine lines. OrganiTan actually hydrates—it’s infused with multi-vitamins and a hyaluronic acid moisture treatment so it’s got anti-aging benefits.

The cast of Dancing With the Stars and the Los Angeles Clippers’ girls are avid users and the product is quickly getting into spas across the country.
Living in LA, we’re smack in the middle of the birthplace of all the cutting-edge beauty and lifestyle products, so we’re lucky—we can get our OrganiTan on in many locations, including the creator’s own spa, Molly’s Skin Care Boutique in Hermosa Beach. Visit our website for other tanning locations.

So you can still have your day in the sun—with your SPF 50, of course.

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Contributor’s Website:  Fusion Integrated
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