The Dog Days of Summer

Photo: Desire to Inspire

For all you dog lovers out there, you know that a house is not a home without a dog!  And many top designers would agree that interiors should not only represent people but their furry friends as well.  Dogs bring us such joy and companionship that many of us can’t imagine a life without them.   But do you have to compromise good design for a four-legged family member?  Absolutely not.  Today’s interiors offers many pet friendly options, so a stylish life can be shared by all.

Here are a few tips for finding that balance between dogs and design…

Invest in dog products.  This custom bed designed by JC Studio’s own Angela Panozzo is chic and comfy.  Dogs love being off the ground and the legs provide for easy cleaning.

photo: Angela Panozzo

And if you want to invest a little more… you can go for the MDK9 Dog Haus, which can be purchased with custom bedding too.

photo: RAH Design

Without fail dogs love to sleep on beds and sofas.  Easily washable bedding and removable slip covers are perfect options.  Durable fabrics such as leather can be cleaned easily and do not show hair.

Photo: Parachute Home
Photo: Dogs Inside

Let’s face it all dog owners know there will be accidents.  Make it easy on yourself and buy rugs than have patterns and multiple colors.  Always place a thick non-skid pad under all rugs.

Photo: Desire to Inspire
Photo: Marcia Prentice

The good news is that sometimes a dog may even compliment your interiors and fit right into the scheme… accidentally of course.

Photo: Kim Salmeda

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