The Dining Room Table Isn’t Cutting It Anymore!

Now that people have been cooped up in their homes for the bulk of this year, they are starting to take a second look at it. Especially given that most of us work from home…the dining room table just isn’t cutting it anymore!

As a Realtor, I have witnessed first hand that people are looking for that extra room for an office, another space to house their Peloton, and a backyard that serves as a respite and a safe place to retreat. Children pose an extra element to this theory of wanting more space as well…the idea of opening up the back door to a wide open space to play speaks volumes and dare I say keeps their parents sane at the same time!

If you are fortunate enough to have a home with a large backyard, extra bedrooms for an office or a large/double lot, this may be the ideal time to think about selling. Demand is high and I’m seeing multiple offers happening again.

A few clients have requested large lots big enough for second or third dwellings so they can house other members of their family or set up shop with their work space. “Compounds” is the new buzz word. Imagine shutting the front gate to your home and being in the midst of trees and calm with a lovely pool as the back drop? And if you can retreat surrounded by the ones you love…that’s the extra bonus.

Weekend homes are also a hot topic. Look at what happened in Paris with the streets in gridlock with people rushing to get out in fear of being stuck in another lock down. I wonder how many of those people wished they had a country retreat to go to? I’ve had a few clients talk to me lately about selling the big home to downsize in the city, then get a second home in an area they can go to instead of just for vacation. Almost like speeding up your retirement dreams and living them now. Who wouldn’t want a second residence in Ojai, Aspen or Palm Springs for instance?

Another question I get now more than ever…Is this the right time to sell? Personally I can say that these last few months have been the busiest for me in terms of sales. Inventory is low and prices are on the rise. People are anxious to switch things up. As agents we’ve adapted to showing homes in an appointment driven fashion coupled with sophisticated videos that prospective buyers virtually feel they’ve pre-walked through. The buyers that are coming through the doors seem more qualified and eager for a change. And with a staged home that has a pool and priced competitively…get ready for multiple offers!

Is your dining room table not cutting it? Are you thinking you are up for a change? Let’s discuss! The best plans are those that get talked about and can get you ready to set the wheels in motion. At Compass we have Collections that I can set you up with that enables us to keep track of homes you like, save them in one space and invite others to collaborate and discuss and monitor the activity. This type of visual workspace is a fun and easy way to get started! Are you ready for a change?

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