The Case for Encaustic

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Encaustic or cement tiles have been the rage for a few years now.  After installing these tiles in various applications from kitchens to powder rooms I have witnessed the dynamic nature of this material.  They are bold, graphic and fabulous.  But they are tricky too… it is important to get it right and make sure these beauties can stand the test of time.

Here are some helpful tips if you are debating using encaustic:

  1. Color: Sticking with simple colors like black and white keeps your palette flexible and classic.  You can change other elements in the room and your tiles will still work.
  1. Pattern: Pick a pattern that works with the style of your home.  If you have a traditional brownstone don’t go too modern or graphic.  Live in a midcentury space, then traditional Spanish tiles may not be right.
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  1. Location: If you feel the need to go crazy, sometimes those colors are hard to resist! Do it in a small area like a powder room where you have some freedom.   Taking chances is always fun, but it’s good to limit any collateral damage.

Don’t be afraid to use encaustic or cement tiles, they are stunning and add a fresh perspective to any space.  But with all design decisions don’t go overboard, sometimes less is more.

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