The bridal hairstyle for you!

It’s officially wedding season and lets be honest ladies, the dress is obviously at the top of most brides’ priority list. The second most important thing about your big day is the hairstyle. Whether or not you agree, a bride’s hairstyle is something that can be a little tricky deciding on, almost as tough as picking out the style of dress. But no need to fear! If you don’t have your heart set on a particular style, then I’m here to help. Here are a few different hairstyles that might help you identify what style will make you feel the most beautiful on your big day!

The Boho Braided Bride
A beautiful braided style on the big day is something that can help transform you into the beautiful bohemian princess that you are. My advice, be sure to narrow down to what kind of braid you want. There are so many variations of braids such as the classic Three Strand Braid, Fishtail Braid, Dutch Braid, Four Strand Braid, and the Milkmaid Braid (there are actually quite a few more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you ladies with too many options… If you’re as indecisive as I am, then 5 different braid styles are more than enough). For some of us ladies who don’t have Rapunzel hair, aka endless amount’s of thick hair, try adding some clip-in extensions to give it that fuller feel. Feel free to ask your hairstylist which type of braid would best suit you and your vision.

The Soft and Sultry Bride
Some of us imagine our big day with our hair down and voluminous. It gives us that sexy and sultry feel. If having your hair down for your big day is something that feels right for you, then you probably feel most confidant wearing it down frequently in everyday life. To spice it up and give that hair-down style a more formal and special-day feel, a nice soft wave will create texture with some added subtle teasing on the top of the crown area. This will help create that umph you want. If the texture isn’t enough for that special-day feel, try tucking the hair behind one ear and pushing all the hair to one side to give it a more finished and formal feel.

The Classic Bride
If you’re seeking a more classic and timeless style for your wedding, then take a page out of Megan Markle’s book! As she has so recently shown us, simplicity can go a long way on the big day. She kept her up-do hairstyle sleek and chic which pulled the entire look together and needless to say she was the epitome of a classic bride. If this is your look as well then be sure to let your hairstylist know that by bringing in pictures and talking about products that will help keep this style intact for the entire day.

The Up-Do With a Twist Bride
Wedding up-do’s are evolving and transforming every season and they’re exciting to see, and pull inspiration from. There are endless variations of wedding style up-dos. For example, take the bride who wants some what of a looser, undone hairstyle. This is best achieved by creating a low bun and keeping some “piecey” texture into the style, while leaving some loose tendrils towards the front of the face. We also see up-dos that are a little more put together in style, but stay playful with dainty accessories or fresh flowers delicately placed around the up-do.

As a hairstylist my best advice is to be sure there are open lines of communication when meeting with your hairstylist so you are both on the same page. With a myriad of different types of hairstyles, the possibilities are endless. I hope this has helped you brides-to-be identify what you style is best suited for you on your special day. Say “I do” to the style for you!

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