The Beauty of Zzzs

By:  Chaton Anderson- Writer

Contributor’s Website:  Fusion Integrated

There’s a reason they call it ‘beauty sleep’. It’s the time when our body repairs and rejuvenates itself, and when you don’t get enough, it shows in your looks. Lack of sleep can cause haggard, dried-out skin, puffy eyes and dark circles, or dreadful bloating and weight gain. Not so hot, right? Rest easy (emphasis on rest), because getting enough sleep restores skin’s luminosity while improving tone and texture. It helps regulate our metabolism and promotes healthy hair.

Most people need between six and eight hours of quality sleep every night. Some even need nine, though there’s also such a thing as too much sleep, which can result in exaggerated bags under your eyes.

Once you figure out the amount that’s right for you, there are lots of cool products and tips that can help you make the most of dreamland, this essential revitalization period where you can actually undo some of the damage that’s occurred over time. 
Start by training yourself to sleep with your head elevated on a couple of pillows to prevent fluid from accumulating around your eyes, which translates to puffiness.
While it’s important to invest in good pillows, it’s also essential to find a good pillowcase. Go old school with silk or satin cases— they prevent wrinkles and hair breakage, combat bedhead and prevent you from waking up with major creases on the sides of your face, which ultimately, can become permanent lines. Comfort Silkie offers a wide range of colors at reasonable prices. 
Having trouble drifting off? Create a luxurious dream environment and evoke sleep-inducing calm with Purusa Dream Extract, a deliciously fresh spray to mist your sheets, pillows and clothes. The unique scent is made from a blend of Sandalwood, amber, Bergamot and organic Clary Sage from France.
It’s clearly the perfect time to employ a little help from some heavy duty, overnight skincare products and hair masques. Try Kronos Phyx Intensive Hair Repair Masque for silkier locks and a richer, more vibrant hue or Kérastase Noctogenist Voile Nuit Overnight Revitalizing Treatment Renewing Effect to repair dry, damaged hair. 
For skincare, choose a hydrating moisturizer that’s right for your skin tone to boost cell repair and renewal. Look for natural ingredients such as vitamin A, which is good for oily, problem skin because it accelerates the natural renewal process or vitamin E, which will nourish and strengthen dry, aging skin.
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Contributor’s Website:  Fusion Integrated
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