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By Natalie Compagno – Travel Expert

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Recently I had an amazing night at Traveler’s Bookcase – Tequila Tasting Night. Clayton Szczech knows more about Mexico, its heritage and of course, tequila, than anyone I’ve ever met. More than that it is his respect for the culture and people that really shine through. Best of all, he gives tours through the tequila region in Mexico and they are truly spectacular. But don’t take it from me, see what Clayton has to say:

“I’ve been called a “Tequila Evangelist,” because I’ve made it my life’s mission to change people’s minds about tequila, especially here in the US. My appreciation for Mexico’s ancient drinking culture has inspired me to personally guide boutique specialty travel experiences of central Mexico’s Tequila Country. My guests have their minds and palates expanded at formal, VIP tastings with master distillers, participatory visits to the breathtaking blue agave fields, and an authentic immersion in true tequila culture. These experiences are modeled on French and Italian wine excursions, but are unmistakably and authentically Mexican.

Experience Tequila guests participate in every aspect of tequila production, from harvesting agave at UN World Heritage Site estates, through the roasting and milling of the agave, fermentation, distillation and the final steps of barrel aging and bottling.
It’s one thing to read about the way tequila is made, but we offer our guests unrivaled access to the finest tequila distilleries in the world, where you can smell, taste and experience every step, from field to tasting room. 
But Tequila Country and its culture are more than just the famous beverage, and I am well-versed in the ancient and modern history of this region, beginning with the unique pre-Hispanic ruins at Guachimontones
Even our accommodations reflect the rich history of Tequila and Mexico. The restored colonial Spanish Hacienda del Carmen offers modern luxury and spa services in a charming Old World setting.

The Tequila Region of Jalisco state is a welcoming, safe area with great weather 9 months of the year. I am currently booking for winter 2011-2012, and invite you to join me for a truly unique tequila experience.

Clayton Szczech
Experience Tequila

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Contributor’s Website:  Traveler’s Bookcase

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