We’d like to introduce you to the two owners of Douglas Fir Menswear and DF Feet; Austin and Trevor.  For all those guys looking for a cool place to shop…this is the place.  Thought we’d take this opportunity to interview two of LA’s experts in  fashion. 

Where: Douglas Fir and DF Feet at 8311 W. Third St, LA CA 90048

How would you describe your personal style in 3 words?
Trevor: Classic, unique (“does that make sense?”) and approachable.

Austin: Cool Clean Lines 
Who/What inspires your personal style?
Trevor: Being born and raised in LA, I’m a big fan of old Hollywood. People are so trendy here, and I try to stay away from trends. Maybe I’m the 2012 Paul Newman…
Austin: I’m definitely intrigued by classic and practical stuff. I’ve lived in San Diego, Portland, and Los Angeles; I’m very influenced by west coast culture, so you could say all those places have impacted my style in a unique way. 

What’s your favorite line/designer out right now that very few people know?
Trevor: Stone Island and Mastai Ferretti, both are great Italian Menswear lines.

Austin: Kill Spencer bags (made in LA) and Esquivel Boots (Boots pictured, based and also made here in LA).

What’s your favorite piece of the clothing that you own right now?
Trevor: Dark grey linen blazer from Chimala that I got last winter. 
Austin: Perspective Flow selvage denim jacket that came out this season.
What’s the one trend you’d like to see disappear?
Trevor: Those 5 toed shoe sandal things, no man should ever wear those.
Austin: Guys wearing scarves with short sleeve T-shirts…I feel like that’s a conflict of interests.

Name 3 things you never leave the house without:
Trevor: My Beautiful Fül shirt/jacket, Kiehl’s roll on musk, and Paul Smith sunglasses.
Austin: Billy Kirk overnight bag, extra Falke socks, D.R. Harris deodorant.

What’s one thing every man should own this Summer?
Trevor: A durable overnight/weekend bag….If you’re not a student, its time to get rid of the back pack…come by the shop and I’ll sell you one.
Austin: A swim suit that doesn’t have Hawaiian flower print on it.

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(image credits: Douglas Fir)
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