Taming the Clutter Monster

By: Anita Rosenberg – Spiritualist

Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

I admit I am a Clutter Queen!  I love my STUFF.  It wasn’t until I moved into a Hollywood loft (one large room) that I had to face my clutter demons.  In a loft there is nowhere to hide and cramming my collectibles into my closet was not an option.  So I took my own Feng Shui advice and did some “clutter clearing.”

“If you want to change your life, move 27 things in your house.”  – Chinese saying

We all have clutter!
Clutter is stuck Ch’i energy
It weighs us down
Blocks our progress
Adds confusion
Creates inability to move forward
Does not allow universe to bring new things

Reasons to clear your clutter:
Having clutter makes you feel tired.
Having clutter can keep you in the past.
Having clutter can affect your body weight.
Having clutter makes you procrastinate.
Having clutter can make you feel ashamed.
Having clutter can put your life on hold.
Having clutter can depress you.

Holding onto old paper, books and files do not allow new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Musty old books is like musty old energy
Give them away to a library or charity – this is good Feng Shui!

Drawers and albums stuffed with photographs are not honoring these important people and memorable events.  Make sure the images fit perfectly inside the frames.  Organize photographs into albums with dates.

Limit collectibles
Keep in one area
Pack some away and rotate them
Make space for new things
Rule is to keep 50% of all spaces clear of clutter

Junk drawers
Garages, attics and basements
Closets and under beds
Purses and brief cases

Reasons we hold on to things:
I might need it someday!
It’s valuable!
So and So gave it to me!

Take the Clutter Test:
Does it fit who I am now?
Does it lift my energy when I look at it?
Do I love it?
Is it useful?
Is it broken?

3 Box Method:
Box 1: SAVE

(be sure to mark all boxes clearly before storing)

Clear your mind and your body:
Eat healthy foods.
Toxic friends need to go.
No negative thoughts.
Stop worrying or judging.
Stop moaning and complaining.

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Contributor’s Website: Anita Rosenberg

Image Credits:  Anita Rosenberg
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