Taking it Deeper

By: Bing Dinh
Contributor’s website: Body Mind Architects
Stretching is an integral part of our exercise and fitness. It keeps us flexible, prevent injuries, improves our posture and balances the alignment of our bodies

Here is an interesting question-should we stretch before or after the workout? Ideally, we should do both but let’s be real and pick one.

I am a firm believer in stretching after the workout- the reason for this is that the body has more blood circulation, our core temperature is up and our muscles, joints, ligaments all have been activated.

At this point, the body is fluid enough for you to hold the stretching position longer while it is more comfortable to go deeper with each stretch. Keep in mind it is also the perfect time to reflect on what you and your body just accomplished.

Suggestion:Hold each stretch for 10-20 if possible 30 seconds and repeat it if time allows.

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Contributor’s website: Body Mind Architects

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