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July 1If you throw a party that calls for guests to have assigned seats at some point along the celebration, it’s a great opportunity to show your creativity and infuse the theme into this important functional detail.

Traditionally called “escort” cards, they’re used to let your guests know which table they’ve been designated to for meal service during the event.  We often “reveal” this staged area/table during cocktail hour so guests have the time and convenience of looking for their table assignment during the leisurely in-between.

The most basic of fold-over card tents can be dressed up with beautiful handwritten (or computer-generated) calligraphy. Visit a local stationary store like Paper Source (www.papersource.com) and grab up simple cards to begin.  Add glitter or ribbons or dimensional found objects for added fun.  We visit the “junk bins” at local flea markets and grab handfuls of vintage buttons, pins, coins and the like to embellish future escort card projects.  Or check out the “scrapbooking” section of your favorite art supply store to find other great miniatures ready for that glue gun!

Escort Card 2

For those more daring, build on a trait or “favorite” from your guest of honor and tie that element into your escort cards and escort card table.

If your birthday boy is into Broadway, assign each guests to a Musical-themed table.

Escort Card 3                           Escort Card 4

Sometimes even the venue/setting itself can inspire your name-card design.  For an outdoor, vineyard wedding, consider elements like twigs, branches, and wood to build your cards.  Or use wooden corks as a base for each of your name-cards

Let’s say you’re throwing a couple’s bridal shower for the duo that met while hailing a Taxi in Chicago. Why not display names and table numbers atop miniature toy cars?  Everyone loves a “take home”   memento.Escort Card 5

Escort Card 7


For our latest wedding in New York, we provoked the friendly rivalry between our grooms’ alma maters by assigning each guest a Lion (Columbia) or Tiger (Princeton) which we hand-decoupaged in vintage papers painted in their schools’ colors.  It was the talk of the night!  Lions and tigers, oh my!


Escort Card 6

Creativity costs you nothing. Tap into it as the perfect way to personalize your next celebration and excite your guests as they discover their monikers a la glitter and pizzazz.

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