Surly Goat!

By: L.J. – Guest Contributor

Just when I thought West Hollywood was tapped out.  In comes…Surly Goat. One of the coolest new beer bars in LA.

Now for you non-believers or “Birthers” I mean “Beerers”. Who may think their microbrewery is the shiz and cannot be defeated. Guns down.  I’m not saying there might be better selection of beers elsewhere I’m just saying West Hollywood was in need of a bar that had a hint of Silverlake’s charm.

You know those cool bars we want to go to but think “ugh is it really worth going for 2 drinks”.  You know what I’m talking about – everyone has that 3 minute convo in your head about going out for drinks.

You want local not far.  If you’re in Hollywood you’re certainly not thinking gets get drinks in Santa Monica or vice versa. So returning to my point.  I’ve been praying for a bar like this for a very long time.  Sorry I’m literally on my knees praying to the beers gods.  They kind of look like Thor meets Big Lebowski.

Surly Goat may just be your typical bar but I’ve gone now 5 times, wait no 6.  Last time was a little hazy.  And what it brings is a very cool, relax, ultra-laid back vibe.

  • They have over 20 bears from all over the world on tap.
  • They have high table booths in a small room.  Packs up fast but not too packed.
  • Outdoor patio, you can smoke and no one bats and eye.  I don’t smoke and even I get a little pissy at how we treat our fellow smokers.  
  • Very cute bartender girls.  Which if you want to be a successful bar, that shit is just mandatory.
  • Finally the music. To understand my love for Goat.  You have to know it really has nothing to do with the very strong beer. (alcohol content is higher than most I’ve tasted) But has a lot to do with the Jams. 

The DJ’s or the ipod they’re spinning is everything from The kinks to Stevie Wonder to The Who.  It’s so good we’ve stopped conversations to start new ones about how good the song was.

That’s what I’m talking about.  If a DJ can stop 3 guys from talking about Ninja movies to pause for a quick second to enjoy a Vanity 6 song.  You’ve got your self a bad ass music selection.

Great Beer, good vibe and the dope people you meet really make this bar a must see.  So if you happen to be around 7929 Santa Monica Blvd.  Stop in and Thank me later. 

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By: L.J. – Guest Contributor

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