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Venice was founded in the early 1900s by a tobacco millionaire, Abbot Kinney. The area was originally a beach resort set on two miles of ocean front property. It was an independent city until 1926 when it merged with Los Angeles. Expect a hip, hyperlocal,  and beach-driven lifestyle. Entertain with bike rides along the beach, boardwalk culture, and premier surfing.  Jim Morrison called Venice home in the early days of his career.   His spirit still resonates within the atmosphere and vibe of this eclectic beach community.

Did you know that Venice is a mix of nine neighborhoods that have their own distinct attributes?  Whether you’re after a beach style cape cod home, a bohemian bungalow, or an architectural industrial type residence…Venice has it all.

For those that prefer a more English countryside feel, check out the “Walk Streets”.  This hidden gem of a neighborhood Is complete with meandering walking paths in front of the home and streets in the back.  The fences are low so front gardens are open for public display.

The Venice Canals is an architectural wonder.  White bridges cross over the canals adjoining streets to form a charming and magical community.  These homes look out to the lovely canals and gardens.


Some people prefer to live right on the beach.  Those Venice beach front homes for sale do fetch a premium and the views dare I say are not $1 million dollar views but more like $10 million views.  Besides the beach, Abbot Kinney is the draw.  The last Abbot Kinney home for sale that I saw had a list price of around $7 million.  This street is one of L.A.’s premier destination hot spot amongst Angelinos and European tourists alike.  I have yet to walk down the street without hearing Italian or French being spoken.

With some of the hottest restaurants around like Felix, Gjelina (local tip: don’t pronounce the “g”) and MTN, this area rivals any other Los Angeles neighborhood for the most well renown restaurants– even in Beverly Hills.  Charming boutique stores running the gamut from bohemian clothing at Principessa to the hip fashion forward finds at Guild, Tumbleweed and Dandelion for their beach cottage furniture and art and of course the local fav; The Mystic Book Store loaded with self-help books, energy rocks and spiritual readers available for independent office sessions right on the premises.

Venice…not only a neighborhood, it’s a lifestyle!

Is it time you found your way home to Venice Beach?

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