Sunset is getting a Facelift!

Anyone that lives in the 90069 area knows that there’s something’s up with Sunset Blvd.  There are now a number of major empty lots that stretch on for blocks that are immersed in development…which also means city crews holding up traffic no matter what time of day. Sunset is in for a major facelift…the landscape up here is definitely going to change as the focal tourist hot spot with a variety of plush hotels that are scheduled in the pipe line. Kinda like Vegas, but way classier. Get ready!

Here are the Cliff Notes version of the proposed plans according to Curbed LA on what’s going on:

Doheny and Sunset:

Marriott Edition Boutique Hotel designed by Ian Schrager: 13 stories, 148 room, 20 condos, a restaurant and a spa. (Specs courtesy of Wehoville)

Marriottback Marriottfront
La Cienega and Sunset:
James Hotel: Two 10-story towers, 286 rooms, two restaurants, bars in the lobby and the roof. Its sister hotel is in New York. Love that place…I hope they serve warm cookies on rainy days here too! Oh wait…it’s always 72 degrees here.

SLC Hotel Parcel_Sunset
Right across the street is a proposed two eight story residential tower with 190 units and get this…40,000 sq’ of retail space.

Next to Cabo Cantina, across from the Standard Hotel:

11,691 square foot commercial building, a restaurant on Sunset Blvd and 177 parking spaces (source:


This may take a couple of years, but the demolition is underway!
With all this retail space and restaurants coming in we may be well on our way to be a walking community for all of us residents who live only blocks away. All we need is an underground subway to the beach and we’ll be all set!

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