Summer Wardrobes Can and Should Do More

I’ve recently come to the realization that my “Summer clothes” have not been working hard enough.  They swoop in like a fair-weather friend, enjoying my company and hanging out with me when the sun is shining and the temperatures are high.  When things get a little challenging, with less daylight and cooler temperatures, Summer clothes are nowhere to be found.  The shorts, sleeveless dresses, halters and tank tops are snuggled away nicely in the closet until they are called for duty again.

Not this year! As we begin the transition from Summer to Fall, I am committing to making “summer clothes” do some work into the Fall, and hopefully beyond.  The key to extending the usability of these items is going to be layering.  Layering can be as simple as topping an outfit with a cardigan or classic denim or leather jacket, but there are far more interesting ways to extend Summer looks that do not entail covering them up. Here are a few ideas for styling your Summer pieces for the transition into Fall.


Shorts worn over leggings or tights can be edgy or sophisticated, depending on the material of your shorts and footwear you choose to style them with.  Just lose the sandals and strappy heels, and add a sleek or chunky bootie for a Fall-ready look.  I like printed tights with dressier short styles for a polished look, but denim shorts have a versatility that can be dressed up or down.



Tops are a lot of fun to layer because they provided so many options to play with levels.  I like layering a longer top underneath a shorter tank or halter to create visual interest and provide an opportunity to showcase two beautiful tops, colors, or prints at the same time.  The button-up shirt is a classic layer that can be worn underneath to provide a level of polish for the look.


Summer dresses work well as a top or bottom layer.  When layering underneath a dress, it is best to start with a thin or close fitting layer such as a fitted t-shirt or turtleneck to minimize added bulk and bunching.  Alternatively, a pull-over sweater can be used as a top layer to create a whole new top and skirt look.

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My Summer clothes may be surprised by the overtime work, but I’m excited to gives these pieces more time to shine.

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