Summer Time Yoga

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Summer is a great time to rise earlier and go to bed a little later. A student of mine made me laugh the other day. I loved her honesty! During the summer, she loves to hangout, to eat and drink more. It just feels like a party. Great weather, fun get togethers and vacations. Thankfully, a consistent yoga practice can keep our bodies, our minds in check. And when we get off course, we can get back on track a bit more easily.

Probably like your summers, this means less sleep, more consumption of some unhealthy foods and catching bugs passed along from…. a variety of sources!

We must keep our immune systems strong. Maintain a healthy digestive system. And have enough energy to enjoy ourselves the rest of the summer season.

So lets move our bodies, ease our minds and have fun!

Dolphin Plank Pose
1. Lay on your stomach
2. Place your elbows under your shoulders.
3. Interlace your fingers, outer edges of both pinky fingers pressed into the ground
4. Knees and feet hip width distance apart, toes curled under
5. Draw your navel in towards your lower back and focus on your exhales
6. If its ok with your shoulders and your lower back lift your knees off of the floor
7. Take 3-8 deep breaths
8. Slowly bring your knees down to the floor, then your hips, relax your right ear on the ground, arms by your sides, rest
9. Do 2-3 rounds

*Benefits: Tones the body inside and out, builds strength, reduces stress,

Bow Pose
1. Bring your chin on the floor
2. Bend your legs up towards the ceiling
3. Reach your arms back towards the wall behind you
4. Keep your knees on the floor
5. Lift your upper body towards the ceiling
6. If you are ready for a deeper backbend, grab the fronts of your ankles, lift your knees up
7. Rock right to left several times, giving your belly a nice self massage
8. Bring your left ear on the floor, relax your legs on the floor
Tip- While resting on the floor, bring the big toes a little closer together and take your heels a little wider. This relaxes your lower back.

*Benefits: Relieves constipation, fights fatigue, opens chest, neck and shoulders (great to counter the airplane slump)

Double Pigeon
1. Sit in a comfortable seated position
2. Stack your right shin on top of the left
3. If you need to modify, draw your left heel towards your right glute
4. Focus on elongating your exhales
5. Take 8 deep breaths
6. Inhale lift your spine up
7. Exhale switch sides

*Benefits: Stretches hips, reduces anxiety, stimulates abdominal organs

The hips love hot weather!

Reclined Floor Twist

Lay on your back, legs bent
Cross your right leg over your left, inner thighs gently touching
Shift your hips 2 inches to the right, relax both knees to the left
Stretch your right arm out to the right, look past your right fingertips
Lengthen your spine on your inhales, twist your spine on your exhales
Take 8 deep breaths
Inhale lift your knees up, exhale switch sides

*Benefits: Helps hydrate the spinal discs, improves digestion, calms the mind

Mindfullness Tip:

There is upheaval surrounding our health care industry. This is causing a lot of anxiety and righteous anger. For a moment, lets turn off the tube, turn off the notifications on our phones, pause, and doing something healthy for ourselves. In this state, we can be more helpful to any cause we are passionate about.

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