Staying in THE FLOW with Life’s Challenges

The Opposite of FEAR is LOVE

It is much easier to stay in the flow of life when everything is going your way!  The career is going well, your relationships are going swimmingly and your health is vibrant.  Everything is connected.  As one major aspect of life gets thrown out of whack, everything else tends to follow.  We start making comments like, “Life sucks!” and “Nothing is going my way!”

Wether or not you BELIEVE how powerful your words are, staying in the flow throughout life’s changes creates a much happier existence.

Recently, several of my beloved clients were laid off.  For my amazing clients, this can create feelings of abandonment, chaos and anxiety.  Many have been at these companies for years.  Several have families to take care of.

Other clients just became incredibly sick.  Many caught bad colds and nasty flues that put them out of commission for weeks!  In this state, some stage of depression is likely to creep in.  Often we start to blame our bodies for not being stronger.  How do we think that actually makes our bodies feel?

I myself had a significant life shift in personal relationships.  My significant other’s mother passed away in November.  She lived with us for over a year on hospice.  Then my man and I enjoyed an amazing honey phase reconnecting!  About a month later, my parents came to stay for the Winter.  All of these events happened so close to one another.  So many emotions swirling around inside of me.  Feelings of sadness, joy, relief, tension, happiness and compassion flooded my physical and emotional body.

It is without a doubt important for us as human beings to feel and appreciate the gamete of emotions available to us.  Scream, let it out.  Punch your pillow.  Have a tantrum or a good cry.  Ask yourself if you are done and then move along.

What to do?!

When I first started opening my outer hips, I got really pissed.  After some time, what usually followed I releas, tears would stream down my face.  Yikes, it was embarrassing.  However, I knew it was best to release and not stuff the emotions back down into my body TEMPLE.

How do you move along when you feel stuck in darkness?

#1 We must physically release the stress by moving consciously.  YOGA is my go to.  The body actually takes score of any kind of trauma.

#2 We must allow ourselves to be still.  For me, this happens in MEDITATION.

#3 We must tap into our higher power and ask what lesson our soul needs to learn from this change, this challenge.


#5 We must have a vision of our DREAM life.

#6 We must take action as if we are already living our DREAM.

You may not get these practices all at once.  For me, it took months to create these spiritual habits in the order above.

Whenever life is challenging, yes, a nice restorative yoga class is ever so lovely.  However, when myself or my clients need to shift now, go deeper within and release, I create a yoga session focused around the HIPS.  The hips are known to store FEAR.  It can be debilitating sitting in our fear.  Move, surrender, and let go.  Much easier said than done because of our mental conditioning.

I am not saying if you practice Pigeon Pose you will no longer experience fear.  Moving your hips dynamically will help you create a good relationship with fear.  This forward movement allows you to evolve on your unique path much faster.

Here is part of a video I created to help you get started.  I encourage you to watch the video, see what you remember and incorporate in your home practice.

Yoga Tip

If you do not have a physical practice, I highly encourage you to start one.  All is takes is one pose to get going.  Before you know it, you will have a great 15-60 minute yoga practice.  In the New Year, I started creating a new package for my private clients.  One hour of YOGA + 30 minute yoga video created specifically for clients unique needs.  Interested?  Contact me and we’ll get you started.  Sessions can be done over FaceTime and Skype too.  I am invested in helping you live well.  

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