Staycations for Buyers!

I’m an HGTV House Hunters International fanatic!  I just can’t get enough of that show.  It amazes me how people can move so far abroad, hardly know the city, and then plop down their life savings and hope for the best.  That personally goes against my Capricorn nature.  I like to familiarize myself with the different neighborhoods and see if it’s the right fit before I go into escrow.  I recommend my buyer clients to do the same.

Recently, we were thinking of moving.  Mind you…this will be our 16th move into 18 years!  Just call us Nomads.  My husband has been working a lot on the east side so commuting has been taking a toll.  With interest rates being at an all time low, we decided to get serious.  I’m not a big fan of renting for a long term, so I thought we’d try something new like a Staycation in the area we’re considering.   Nothing like immersing oneself in an area by renting a home; in our case on Airbnb, frequenting different restaurants and bars in the neighborhood to get a feel of what it would be like to be a local.

If you happen to be in the Silver Lake area where we did our Staycation ; don’t miss Alimento for the most delicious Italian food, Scout for brunch and Hyperionpublic for a neighborhood pub experience, which happens to serve real good food as well and if you time it right…bottomless mimosas!

In our case we made sure to attend Sunday open houses and also drove by some different neighborhoods to get a better hold on the comps.  It turns out some pockets within the hills felt really good to us – like we can imagine ourselves living there.  And be forewarned; you just may find a house on your open house excursion that you fall in love with.  Just like we did!

Now…the next step in our case was to get busy and get our place ready for sale.  And it just so happens that the market is short on inventory in Venice Beach right now, so here we go!  The For Sale sign is up and we’re doing our Open House today for 1068 Van Buren.

I do admit, I like the thrill of it all as well – wondering who is going to buy our house and the thought of moving yet again to a new home, a new neighborhood.  Thank goodness for my moving team that is so great that I don’t even break a sweat.  I know things are going to be put away perfectly and boxes will be gone before I enter the door.  Now that’s the way to do it!

I’ll keep you posted on my experience.  I’m excited as you can tell.  One thing about this that is pretty cool, is that I have the opportunity to experience this type of rush every time a client buys or sells and they switch it up too!

Stay tuned…!

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Photos courtesy: Alimento, hyperionpublic, scout and Compass.

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