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I went to a motivational seminar the other day that was geared towards the real estate industry, but the goals I learned are universal.  Here’s a shout out to Steve Shull on his Performance Coaching Seminar.  One of the guests, a colleague of mine; Jeffrey Saadwas a network food star and is now a local Realtor.  He spoke about the importance of setting goals, the art of picking yourself up when the universe throws you a curve ball and the ability to change course to achieve the life you want.


Here are some tips to Achieve Success:

  • Have a plan. Jeffrey had his mission statement on his phone.  Do you have one?  Make a conscious choice on where you want to be. Envision your success in your head. Do you have goals clearly defined…how much you want to make, how you are going to get there, what steps do you need to take?
  • Consistency is key. Once you have your steps laid out, set up a plan that makes it consistent.  Are dates/times laid out in your calendar for when you should send out marketing, make calls, have lunch with people?  Do the stuff that you don’t want to do first thing in the morning – get it over with so you can move on.  Just like we have the capability of paying bills automatically, have your business plan be automatic too.
  • Pick yourself up. Give yourself credit on your accomplishments.  In my field, we don’t get every listing we go for, but we can’t get discouraged.  There is plenty of business out there.  Worrying is such a waist of time.  The key is to hone in our skills and consider it as exercise.  The “no” should fire you up for the next one.
  • Never mind the butterflies. Everyone has felt those butterflies in their stomachs – it’s natural.  Keep that in mind when you have to meet a new client or give a presentation.  Acknowledge the uneasiness and let it go.  Be present, focus on “you” and stay in your zone.  Rely on what you know…and always be prepared.
  • Persistence Pays . Professional basketball star Stephen Curry is a prime example of this theory. He has exceptional work habits which clearly attributes to why he is one of the best basketball players in the world.  Curry is known to show up before practice to shoot hoops.  And when practice is over, he won’t leave the gym util he sinks four in a row.  While his team mates are in their flip flops with head phones on at the side lines, Curry is out there making it happen.  Are the habits you have today on par with the dreams you have for tomorrow? CURRY-PROF

Success is not an accident, it’s a choice.  Fear an un-lived life.

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