By: Bing Dinh – Personal Trainer
Contributor’s website: Body Mind Architects
The Squat has always been THE EXERCISE to sculpt legs and firm glutes.
To make this exercise more challenging, add a jump squat right after doing squats with barbell or dumbells. This will rev up the metabolism and create even more definition.

Use the weight from a barbell or dumbells to perform solidly for 10-15 reps– you should feel a deep burn toward the end. The slower the pace the better. Right afterwards, use your own body weight and do jump squats, with goal of getting up as high as you can– think explosive movement! Do 10 -15 reps. Repeat this 3-4 times per workout.
The benefit of great cardio endurance, healthy looking legs and a fast and furious metabolism should keep you coming back for more!
Contributor’s website: bodymindarchitects.com
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