The Spring Runway Trends Already in Your Closet

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Spring/Summer 2021 fashion season is in full swing with virtual fashion shows and other scaled down productions to showcase what styles we get to choose from this year.  Many styles resemble trends that seem to be pulled from less than a decade ago.  Hello low-rise waist lines, visible g-strings, and cutouts in everything from tops to dresses to pants.  The great thing about trends is we get to choose the ones we wish to skip or in which to participate.

While I’m sure I’ll be skipping the aforementioned trends, I have found others that I am excited to jump into.  Even better, is that many of these are already in my closet, and you probably have them in yours as well.  Runway fashion is unattainable for many of us, but we can still use it the looks as inspiration for viewing and using our existing closets in a new way.  We can often get the looks without breaking the bank.

Pant layering

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Many designers showed different variations of pants layered under dresses or skirts.  This is a look I’ve admired on other people, but never felt that it was a look for me.  I recently gave it a try with a casual vibe, combining a loose dress and cropped jean.  The final result is definitely something I would repeat, and I plan to try a dressier version next.  The trick to getting this look right is ensuring that your dress or skirt to pant proportions are complementary.  Try different variations until you find one that is visually pleasing to you and comfortable.  Be careful to avoid combinations that result in bunching.



Photo Credit: Chanel, Jil Sander

Black and white looks were all over the runways in every possible combination, pants with blouses and printed dresses.  I believe this is a look that can be accomplished by just about every person that owns clothing.  Black pants with a white top is classic and doesn’t have to be plain or boring.  By adding great accessories, you can own this look and make it your own.  I usually like to add some shine with jewelry or a metallic topper.


Leather suiting

Photo Credit: Lanvin, Altuzarra

Full leather looks look great on the runway, but can be difficult to translate comfortably into to real life.  I am a huge fan of leather looks, but rarely go full on leather as I do not find it to be very practical for my daily activities.  However, I find it easy to incorporate a leather blazer into may other looks to accomplish the same vibe.  Try styling a typical suit look and switch out one of the pieces for a leather alternative.  If you don’t already own a leather blazer, they can be found for very reasonable prices at thrift shops or online thrift/consignment websites.


There is no need to go broke to keep your style up to date.  Combine the things you have in a different way to keep your look fresh.  Use runway style to inspire you, but there is no need to be a carbon copy.  Make it your own.  For more Spring/Summer 2021 trends check out this runway compilation from Vogue.

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