Spring Cleaning

By: Jennifer Culp –Interior Designer
Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

Spring is upon us!  The days are getting longer and change is in the air.  It is a great time to tackle some new projects and to overcome some design phobias that have been lingering.   I often find the biggest hurdle to achieving ones design dreams is not money or ideas but a clients own fears.  The fear of breaking a preconceived design rule and making a mistake is always present and can greatly deter your creativity. 

So here are a few fears to sweep under the rug with your spring cleaning….

Fear of color- Although neutral spaces can be calming; if you love color embrace it!  Color can add so much personality and warmth to a house it is worth experimenting with.  Remember it is an easy fix if you are not happy with the results.

Fear of dark walls- This is one of the most common design phobias out there.  The fear that dark walls will make a space appear small and claustrophobic.  Dark walls are wonderful in so many applications… for instance to highlight art or create a dramatic transition space.  So if you gravitate towards the dark side, go with it.

And lastly…. FEAR OF EMBRACING WHAT YOU WANT.  Of course every design decision needs to take into account practicality and lifestyle.  But if you are simply reluctant to express yourself than you are missing out on the fun of design.  And life is too short for that.  So if you want to do that turquoise headboard or wallpaper your bathroom then go for it!

Design Tip:

Spring is a great time for rejuvenation and change.  So try to overcome your design stumbling blocks and make choices that simply feel good.  In the long run this will help you grown into your design style and feel inspired.

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By: Jennifer Culp –Interior Designer
Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

Image Credits: Elle Decor; Lonny Magazine

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