Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Closet

Spring is right around the corner, so it’s time for Spring-cleaning! Everyone dreads the thought of having to clean out their closet, but I’ve helped my clients simplify and perfect the process. Follow the steps below and I can guarantee that your closet will be turned into LA’s hottest boutique.

Start by organizing each category of clothing separately. By narrowing your focus onto one category, you will quickly be able to identify how many duplicates you actually own. This is especially helpful for my clients who are transitioning jobs. For example, nowadays work environments are becoming more casual and many of my clients are ready to rid their closets of their work slacks. By ridding a full category of clothing, their closet instantly becomes more spacious, allowing them to carefully organize the rest of their wardrobe.

The reason why closet cleanouts are so time consuming and difficult is because of the decision-making process of which pieces to keep or toss. An efficient way to help this process is to create outfits with the pieces in your closet. For example, I often have clients who have way too many pairs of jeans. After we finalize the blouse category, I’ll choose a pair of jeans to go with each blouse. My clients quickly realize that they are gravitating towards the same five pairs of jeans. This realization makes it much easier to get rid of the other pairs that go unworn.

My favorite way to organize a closet is by category and color. Let’s use blouses as an example again. I will hang and categorize all my blouses by color and sleeve length. They will be sorted from light to dark, as well as, sleeveless to long sleeve. The separation of categories in your closet is vital because it simplifies getting dressed in the morning. Each morning you probably wonder, “What do I wear?” Instead of becoming overwhelmed, looking at a cluttered closet, focus on one category at a time. This limits your choices and speeds up your morning.

The last step of a closet cleanout is to purchase items that will help you stay organized. I recommend using felt hangers. Plastic hangers are clunky and too slippery for most garments. Felt hangers are not only slim and chic, but will also keep your clothes from sliding onto the floor. If you live in an apartment, I would highly recommend a stackable shoe organizer. These organizers have cubbies where you can separate each pair of shoes by color, occasion, or category. Lastly, I love to use decorative boxes to keep my belts, hats, and other accessories organized neatly.Similar to having a clean home, a clean closet will reduce your stress and increase your sense of accomplishment. The ability to quickly and confidently style yourself will have you beaming throughout your entire day.

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