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Spiritual Travelers on-the-go
Spiritual Travelers on-the-go
Spiritual Travelers on-the-go

Nirvana for the enlightened traveler. Summer is when you get your travel on and I wanted to share with you a few of my helpful tips to have an energetically fabulous time. For instance, you may be staying in a hotel or motel. Can you imagine all the other people who also slept there? Who wants their energy? I don’t. Which is why I never leave home without my Dragons Blood Aura Cleanse spray. Of course, there is no such thing as dragons – it is the sap of a tree. It is the go-to tool for sensitive and spiritual folks. For instance, when I first got into using Dragons Blood Aura Cleanse (called DBAC) I used candles. Staying at an old hotel in San Francisco where sailors and prostitutes used to stay at the turn of the century – my room was filled with paranormal visitors who had never left. So, I lit three DBAC candles all over for protection (there was one ghost who sat in the chair next to my bed all night.) At some point I blew them out to get to sleep and when I picked it up – I forgot it was super hot and dropped it on the carpet. Can you imagine? Red wax splattered everywhere. On the walls, the door and carpet. It looked like a crime scene. Lesson learned. Bring the spray.

DBAC clears a space from other people’s energy and does double duty with paranormal cleansing. Another trick I use is lavender oil and spray on the pillow to make it my own. Or I travel with my own. Lavender has amazingly magical properties and helping you sleep is one of them. Another suggestion is to bring along a little Ganesh. It can be a tiny statue or an image because Ganesh is the elephant-headed Hindu god who removes obstacles for travelers. He helps your trip run smoothly and also protects you. Moonstone is a charming little crystal for traveling as it also protects travelers so you can focus on  having a great time.

hotel-tv copy

Lastly, covering the mirrors and giant television screens are a non-negotiable. Why? Mirrors are too active and their Qi energy will keep your nervous system buzzing all night. When I was in Havana Cuba for example, I used the curtain to cover the giant mirror. Otherwise I would have been kept awake all night by not only the salsa band at the Havana Hilton across the street – but also the reflective mirror. TV whether turned on or off emits harmful EMFs. I wish hotels would place them all inside closed cabinets. The new trend are flat screens and they are massive and very unhealthy. I always cover hotel TV sets with the bath towel. Housekeepers must think this is very strange.

Hope this was helpful. Before you head out on the road or in the sky don’t forget:

  1. Dragons Blood Aura Cleanse spray
  2. moonstone for protection
  3. Ganesh statue or image
  4. lavender oil or spray for sleep
  5. cover the TV and mirrors

Have a super summer!

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