Special Places to Stay in Ireland

By Natalie Compagno – Travel Expert

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Ireland is the land of a million shades of green, warm and friendly people and lots of mystery.  It has myths and legends galore and when paired with its stunning scenery and dense mist, Ireland is eerie and romantic at the same time.  For a complete journey to Ireland you must visit Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland and be sure to brush up on its fascinating yet turbulent history. Part of enhancing your trip includes staying in unique, special places. This way you’ll meet local people and savor the cuisine in a comfortable, charming atmosphere.  Here are my favorite cozy haunts:
Number 31 in Dublin: for a taste of new Ireland.  Stern modern architecture meets soft luxurious bedding.  A great way to feel local.

Old Ground Hotel in Ennis.  This town has a traditional music festival every year that you can’t miss.  

Hotel Europa in Belfast.  Famous for being the most bombed hotel in the world. The Holiday Inn in Beirut might argue with this but Hotel Europa is still in business and uses its history to win new fans. 

Clontarf Castle just outside Dublin.  A perfect way to stay in a castle while enjoying city life at the same time. 

Glin Castle in the countryside if you want to feel like a true knight or a damsel in not-so-distress. 

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Call Aer Lingus and happy trails!

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Contributor’s Website:  Traveler’s Bookcase

(image credits:door shot courtesy of: www.number31, Courtyard shot with Ivy on front. Courtesy of: Geocaching.com, at night courtesy of: www.clontarfcastle.ie, with hedges courtesy of: igougo.com, books: traveler’s bookcase)

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