Smooth Sailing or Rough Waters

Cindi Lee
Cindi Lee

How’s life? Such a simple question when life is going just swell! When life is demanding and you CHOOSE to step up, all kinds of mental debris is likely to surface. The part of you that wants to stay the same and not grow is fighting for its life. This is precisely why our dreams have to be big enough to weather the storms.

For many years, one of my dreams has been to have a home where I have space for my parents, my boyfriend, his mom, and dear friends to visit. I really was not sure how this was going to manifest. I just knew my FOCUS was to make it happen.

After living alone for the past 13 years, I decided to switch things up in a big way, I mean BIG, HUGE!

What you may not know about my recent move………..

My boyfriend and I decided to get a place together AND we moved his mom out from Alabama to live with us. Yes, we did! His mom is at a stage in her life where she needs assistance with day to day activities. She is actually on hospice. The traveling for my boyfriend, going back and forth, was getting physically and emotionally overwhelming.

This move was not a quick decision on my end. After a lot of meditation, yoga, hiking, and journaling, I made the choice to go forward with the move a lifetime. I could only make the right decision for ME (not anyone else) by relentlessly tuning into myself and envisioning the bigger picture. My internal work has been more important than ever.

Cindi Lee
Tuning In

All three of us have lived alone for over a decade. Clearly this move has been a major transition for all of us. What is my daily mantra? MAKE IT EASY. With deep breaths, I am learning how to respond instead of react. I am also learning how to honor myself in the midst of everything. It is very important for me NOT to put my life on the back burner.

I know many of you have been through similar situations with babies and elderly parents. I gotta have my CT (Cindi Time) to replenish and rejuvenate or I am no good to myself and anyone else. Have I gotten some looks expressing, “You selfish heffa!” Yes I have. Have I said NO to myself and YES to others and paid the price? Yes I have.

There is a way to be compassionate to those in need AND true to oneself at the same time. This takes practice. Practice perfect as my meditation teacher calls it. During these times, YOU MUST TAKE A STAND FOR THE AND. Have I mastered this? Not hardly. However, I am getting closer.

Life can be demanding, now more so than ever before. I ask you, are you getting closer or further away from your center, your truth? Oooooh, it is so easy to slip into someone’s vision for YOUR life.

Even though I say my mantra, has it been all easy peasy? No way. Without my CT practices I am for sure I would have bought a one way ticket to Hawaii and ran to the hills by now. Instead of choosing avoidance, as FEAR and DOUBT arise, I do something super silly.

Lions Breath

I say hi to doubt and its best friend fear. Then I picture myself doing Lions Breath, a yoga breathing technique. If no one is around I’ll actually do it.

How to Practice Lions Breath

• Inhale through your nose and scrunch up your face

• With vigor exhale through your mouth

• While exhaling, stick out your tongue and bug out your eyes • Repeat 3-5 times

Boosts vitality
Relieves tension in neck, jaw, and face
Fortifies voice, improving communication
Increases confidence
Releases negativity
Relieves TMJ

Who couldn’t use some of that?

Yoga Tip:

Doing a silly movement is an easy and fun way to shake off the negativity and get rid of the drama that is no longer serving you well. It instantly shifts your energy and no pill popping is involved.

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