Smashed Dishes, Colorful Skivvies and Great Balls of Fire

By: Chaton Anderson – Writer

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There is more to New Year’s Eve than watching the ball drop, consuming vats of champagne and dancing ‘til the break of dawn. Take a look at how other cultures across the globe celebrate this revered holiday.

In Ecuador, locals burn photos and scarecrows to destroy bad memories from the past year, scare away bad luck and fill the upcoming year with luck and happiness.

Brazilians wear all-white to bring luck to them in the New Year, and flock to the beach in droves to throw flowers into the ocean as the clocks strike midnight. A fireworks show then commences a celebration that often lasts into the following night.


The Danish smash dishes on each other’s doorsteps. The family with the largest tower of broken plates, cups and other crockery are considered the most popular.

In Scotland, locals parade through the streets with blazing balls of fire as part of a festival called Hogmanay. This dangerous practice dates back to the Vikings and is believed to bring purification and sunshine.

In the Chilean town of Talca, locals celebrate the New Year at the cemetery where their dead relatives are buried. Classical music and dim blinking lights offer a festive atmosphere for more than 5000 people who follow this tradition.

South American women in Brazil, Bolivia and Mexico wear colorful underwear to ring in the New Year and bring good fortune. Red is thought to attract love, while yellow is believed to bring money and wealth. 

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Contributor’s Website: Fusion Integrated

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