Smart Art

How to find reasonably priced artwork? This is a question I get asked again and again by clients. And it is a tough one. I am a firm believer that art is the soul of a house, but sadly it often gets placed on the back burner due to budget constrictions or not knowing where to begin.
There is quality artwork out there that won’t break the bank, it just takes patience and a good eye. Some of my favorite pieces have come from flea markets. And don’t underestimate what a good frame can do!
So I want to highlight three of my favorite artists that won’t blow your budget….

1. Alyson Fox
I have been following this multi- medium talent for years. Her fantastical illustrations and geometric shapes are magnificent. She also has branched out into photography and jewelry. She is truly a creative soul.

2. Kathryn Lynch
If you are willing to invest a little more, I find this artist to be a huge talent. Her atmospheric city and country landscapes are so tangible and real. I am amazed at the way she captures the light and mood of her surroundings.

3. Kid’s Art
Want to spend next to nothing? Framing kids art is one of my favorite tricks in a house. If you don’t have kids, you can still purchase children’s artwork at charity events or organizations like uniceff. What a terrific and cost effective way to bring some inspiration into your life.

Design Tip:
Don’t give up on art! Although it’s usually the last item to be purchased in a house, it is so important. And there are well priced talented artists out there waiting to be discovered. Who knows one might already live in your house…?

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