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Did you know that only 20-30% of the clothes in our closet are actually worn? If so, why do we buy that other 70%? It may be because we are trying to create an image for ourselves and identify our sense of style, but most of us are not sure where to start or how to do it. It may be because we are content with our style, so we just continue buying duplicates of the same pieces. Or it may be because shopping rids our anxiety; however, seeing the clutter in our closets is the stressor. Let’s break down these three categories.

1) Creating an Image/Identifying your Sense of Style:
Whether it’s watching TV, walking down the street, or sitting on social media, we’re exposed to a plethora of different fashion trends. Let’s focus on the Menswear trend. You see a woman wearing an oversized blazer layered on top of a black tee, accompanied with a pair of blue distressed jeans, and black booties. You love this outfit and need to have it. Now here’s the trick- before you go to the store and walk around aimlessly…make a shopping list! The same rule applies when you go grocery shopping. A black tee, distressed jeans, and black booties are wardrobe essentials that the average woman most likely already has in her closet. By taking a moment to identify that you already have three out of the four pieces in this outfit, you’ve saved yourself the clutter of adding three more pieces to your closet.

2) Buying Duplicates:
Aside from creating a shopping list, a great way to avoid over-shopping is by tracking your hangers. After a closet clean-out, identify how many hangers are being used and store the extra. Only use the extra hangers to replace broken hangers, don’t use them to add more clothes. This rule works great because every time you add more clothes to your closet, you must get rid of something to make sure you have enough hangers.

3) Retail Therapy Adding to a Cluttered Closet:
For me, shopping is something that I could never quit and luckily, I don’t have to! A quick tip on how to keep your closet de-cluttered while still feeding your desire to shop. While you’re cleaning out your closet, create outfits! By creating new outfits you’ll essentially be shopping in your own closet. The best part? Everything is free! You’ll quickly discover the pieces you constantly gravitate towards and the pieces that rarely work with your wardrobe. These useless pieces should be put in a pile and consigned at second hand stores such as Wasteland, Crossroads, or TheRealReal. Turn that clutter into cash that you can spend on new clothes!

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