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By: Jennifer Culp – Interior Designer

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So I must dedicate this blog to giving a shout out to two of my favorite LA stores, Lawson Fenning and Nickey Kehoe. Now these are not your average run of the mill furniture showrooms, but spaces bursting with creativity and an eclectic coolness that makes you want to kick your shoes off and have a cocktail! Both stores have a wonderful mixture of vintage, midcentury, Scandinavian and Americana pieces, to name a few. But the magic of these stores is the overall vibe, not the individual pieces. The brilliance is in putting all the elements together to create a space that could be your living room. A truly unique and inspirational experience. When I walk into these stores I feel at home, and fortunate to live in a place like Los Angeles, where we are surrounded by good design.

Here is a look at the Lawson Fenning showroom…

Ahhhh that blue! 
And their accessories are to die for…. like these brass turtles, or urchin bowls 
Nickey Kehoe has just as much to offer. How charming is this vignette? And I am happy to report that after much coveting this eagle now lives in my living room. 
These are some of the unique items you can find here… 

Now to add icing to the cake the owners of Nickey Kehoe happen to be amazing interior designers… which explains a lot. Here are some of their projects, which all have the same intriguing aesthetic as the store. 

Design Tip The success of a space depends on the atmosphere and vibe it evokes, not the individual pieces. The question I always ask myself when designing, is what is the feel of the room? . A room is like a piece of art, it either moves you or not. So try to keep focused on the bigger picture instead of getting overwhelmed with the details. And go visit some showrooms, you may be surprised at the ideas you pick up.

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Contributor’s website: JC Design Studios

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