Should We Turn the Knob on the Etch A Sketch Board & Erase 2020 already?

Who knew that staying at home for almost a year would go by so fast? It seems like I looked down at my phone and when I looked up…it’s 2021! A forced re-evaluation of one’s life was inconceivable. It started with everyone thinking it would be for just a week or two. Once we all found out it was going to be a long haul, my goal setting was off the charts. I’m going to learn fluent Italian, get in the best shape ever, organize my house, my life… And then, you know it – life set in…reality hit- maybe I didn’t really need that new pasta machine to make my own pasta, maybe I wanted to just listen to acoustic guitar – not necessarily learn how to play it. Maybe I wasn’t the only one that this happened to? No wonder this SNL skit got so much traction…

I watched so much tv in 2020 that I think I ran out of shows to watch! Television viewing is a hot topic with friends today. So much so that I even created a link for some of my favorite binge shows.  It wasn’t all just mindless tv. I did get my share of MasterClass and also saw some very informative and useful documentaries. I love organization so when I saw the Minimalist last night, I really enjoyed it. The concept of having less around me, especially when it’s all in its rightful place, and simplifying my life really resonated with me. Let’s face it, everyday we are bombarded with ads that tempt us to buy something – the ads are so smart now with all this A.I. that it knows what we’ve been looking at and puts it in front of our faces over and over again. I’ve even seen ads that say: Don’t you want this? How much easier would it be to pair it down and live with value add items around you? Voids after all aren’t filled with just stuff. What’s essential in your life?

Sitting still during these crazy times has been a challenge for me. Before I know it, my mind starts racing and I’ll start doing to-do lists in my head. I do realize connection to people is important and I also know that being present is key but with all the distractions these days, sometimes it’s tough. I was in search for awareness and a way to be centered. Then someone asked me if I’ve ever tried meditation. It’s no wonder meditation has been around for centuries. The calmness one experiences is palpable once you surrender to it. I had a recent experience, okay by now you guessed it – on a show I just watched: Headspace Guide to Meditation. Besides the ever so calm voice of the narrator and the easy techniques that helped me stay quiet for a bit, I found it the most effective way to get in touch with the quiet that was within. Very interesting to note that Andy, the narrator, was in fact a monk for a portion of his life. Who better than him to teach techniques? When’s the last time you did nothing?

2020 did go by in a blur for me. When I look back, do I want to erase it all like I’d did as a young child with the ease of a knob on my Etch A Sketch pad? Parts of it – the deaths, the pain and suffering, the loss – absolutely Yes! But the parts I will hang on to are the parts of self discovery. No longer will I take for granted freely being around people and freely going anywhere without any concern. No more running fast like a hamster on a wheel with no real direction but to just keep going. 2021 brings with it hope and a new found realization that awareness and connections are very important. The world, our community, our relationships with one another is key. With each new day is a new gift. Here’s to opening it up with love and compassion for oneself and for our community.

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