See this play now! You’ll thank me later.

Living in LA. you’re bound to know someone who is an actor.  You often find yourself invited to plays which sound fun and exciting at first, but fast forward to politely sitting through way too many average and some bad performances, and you’ll start finding excuses just so you don’t have to sit through another one! So when I heard my friend Sofia Yepes was co-starring in John Patrick Stanley’s “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” at the LATC, I was at first hesitant but decided to give this one a shot.  I am so glad that I did. What a play!

Last night, we ventured Downtown to see the play.  Downtown was a trip in itself…tucked away in some obscure areas are some really cool upscale restaurants within vintage buildings giving it a New York vibe.  Don’t forget to look up…the architectural details and the occasional gargoyles are fabulous.  That was unexpected, considering the neighborhood,  dare I say it…is finally starting to come around and shows like this one are definitely helping.     The venue was located within the bowels of what used to be an old bank.  We found ourselves ourselves greeted by a cool cat name Fred (Matia Ponce) that lead us down down down a staircase passage to a bar setting where we initially see Sofia sitting at a table all by herself.


I won’t give away the plot because I hate that when critics do this but I will say that it’s an evocative display of a tumultuous struggle between a charismatic couple with intense chemistry.  It’s a push and pull of emotion.  Both the actors totally commit.  Danny (Hugo Medina) has that extra tough veneer, but once it’s peeled back, a gentle innocence spills forward and you can’t help but care what happens to this character.  Roberta (Sofia Yepes) can switch personalities on a dime.  She leads you to that dark emotional place and in one violent swoop brings you back to a soft loving carefree side. She’s one of those people that evoke that certain something that real stars have…a particular engaging and spunky quality that is immediately endearing.

This was by far one of the best plays and performances that we’ve seen in a long, long time. It was such a pleasure to witness talent like this in an intimate setting. The audience were on their feet when this play ended.  Was it that they felt that they took the journey with these characters, felt their vulnerability, or maybe for just a moment felt transported from their own busy lives and were allowed to escape?  I think it was a combination of these three emotions.

Due to overwhelming response, the play has been extended until August 1st so don’t wait, you’ll be happy you went.

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